Cigars are indulgent by design making them a perfect fit for Thanksgiving. Enjoying a high-quality, hand-rolled cigar with family and friends is an ideal time to unwind during the holidays.
Here are 3 cigars hand picked by our Cigar Master, Vince Mascio for when you’re ready to relax, reminisce, and savor the taste and aroma of a great cigar this Thanksgiving.
  • Carbonell Toro: A premium blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos hand rolled in an Ecuadorian wrapper. This smoke's flavor profile is mild and slightly sweet making a great bridge to pie and coffee. Shop the Carbonell Toro here.
  • F-1 Super Diplomat Maduro: A blend of Central American long-leaf tobaccos and hand rolled in a Mexican Maduro wrapper, this quality cigar provides a strong, more peppery, nutty taste. This medium, full bodied cigar's versatile taste is great paired with bourbon, wine, brandy, and a number of seasonal mixed drinks. Shop the F-1 Super Diplomat Maduro here.
  • Valley Connection Corona: Hand rolled around our Honduran and Dominican tobaccos, the Valley Connection gives a tasty, yet mild smoke from beginning to end. Delivering a subtle sweetness with a tangy finish, this medium, full bodied smoke just might be the perfect finishing touch to your 8 course feast! Shop the Valley Connection Corona here.
A quality cigar should be at the top of your list for Thanksgiving. Keep this cigar menu in mind and be prepared this year by having your favorite OBT cigars on hand for when the post meal tryptophan kicks in!