From JFK to The Godfather’s Joe Mantega, our cigars have been the elite’s choice for generations. Here’s a taste what our customers have to say about our premium cigars!
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Score Your Favorite OBT Cigars This Season

It's finally that time of the year again: football is back! Smoking cigars and watching football go hand in hand, so it gives you an excuse to splurge on your favorite OBT cigars.

Shop Your Favorite OBT Cigars

The heatwave is over and it's time to enjoy the outdoors!  There's nothing better than relaxing outside and enjoying one of our fan favorites, the Smithson Cigar. 

OBT Summer Cigars & Accessories

We've put together an OBT Summertime Cigar & Accessories Guide! From our top-selling cigars to our best accessories, we have you covered!

High Quality Cigars

Our high-quality cigars make the perfect Father's Day gift for the person you want to honor this Father's Day!

Hand Rolled Cigars

Celebrate with your favorite OBT cigars! No celebration is complete without a high-quality, hand-rolled cigar. 

F-1 Natural Rothchild Cigar: A crowd pleaser

This is our classic blend created in the 1920s at our small Chicago shop. Our F-1s have been hand-rolled for socialites like George Burns, Milton Berle, and Paul Harvey...

We're ready for Spring, are you?

What is better than enjoying a cigar during the warm months of the year? We can only think of one thing: enjoying your favorite OBT Cigar paired with an adult beverage...

Cigars for Your Pets!

Did you hear our announcement? We're launching new cigars made just for your pets! You can now smoke with your furry best friend...

Cigars for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is next weekend. Are you stocked up on your favorite cigars?
OBT Cigar Master, Vince Mascio, has selected three of our cigars and paired them with traditional St. Patrick's Day beverages...

Happy Valentine's Day from OBT Cigar!

It doesn't matter if you're single or taken, we can all agree on a good, hand-rolled cigar! Did your sweetie forget to order you your favorite cigars this year? Our OBT Cigar gift pack is still available. That's 6 cigars for just $45...