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December Cigar of the Month: F-1 Super Diplomat Natural

When bringing to the party or gifting cigars this winter season, make sure they’re a high quality smoke that everyone will remember.  However, when buying for others the holidays, don’t forget yourself and how you’d like to celebrate in your holiday herfs!

November Cigar Of The Month: F-1 Rothchild Maduro

Letting go of the late summer and early fall can always be difficult due to the fact that it encompasses so many things we love: warm days on the golf course, the beach and being out on the boat.  But as much as we appreciate these times, when it comes to smoking cigars, what’s the picture perfect scene?

Your Humidors Favorite Cigars Are Back

We are happy to announce that two of our most popular hand-rolled cigars, the Carbonell and Smithson Rothchild, are back in stock and ready to stabilize moods!  These quality cigars came back at an ideal time of the year; given the weather, fall festivals and football filled weekends, The Carbonell and Smithson Rothchild cigars are great to have in hand all week long.

October Cigar Of The Month: Smithson Rothchild

The classic American tradition of pairing cigars and sports is as long standing as any.  This brings to question, with football season underway and the Hunt For October upon us, what is a great ‘go to’ cigar for the games?

Grab Your Favorite Cigar, Football Season is Back!

Cigars and football…need we say more?  These two are American classics in themselves, but when combined, they make for an incredible, memorable experience.  Game days are back, and it gives us all the more reason to light up a quality cigar and enjoy the game day festivities in a cloud of blue cigar smoke.

Hand-rolled cigars

At OBT Cigar, we believe that nothing adds more to a summer day or evening than a cool beverage in one hand and one of our hand-rolled cigars in the other. By combining the highest quality tobacco with our signature rolling technique, we believe that each cigar we offer is a relaxing way to embrace time with friends and family.

the best cigars

Who doesn’t love showing off their cigar collection when they get a chance? We are all guilty of it. (Unapologetically :))  Whether it’s a night out, or a relaxing get together, you want to reach for the perfect cigar.

Keep reading to see three of the best cigars to have at your next gathering...

Smoking Cigars: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to smoking good cigars, you probably have a few questions. Or, if you’re a seasoned smoker, you may be wondering which one of our high-quality cigars is right for you.

We’ve answered four of our most frequently asked questions in this blog post. Keep reading to find out the answers, and if you have a question send us an email to be featured in our next FAQ’s blog!

hand-rolled cigars

We believe that the artistic genius of our cigars lies in the touch of our rollers’ hands. So, how do they get the perfect cigar? Here’s an exclusive look at our process.

Experience the Difference of Hand-Rolled Cigars

When looking for a hand-rolled cigar, be sure to understand the full process. A hand-rolled cigar can refer to one that is entirely made by hand, or one that is machine-bunched and hand finished. The difference between smoking a machine rolled cigar and a hand rolled one may seem subtle, but the quality of smoke couldn’t be more different.