Oakbrook Tobacco Company, an online retailer of premium hand-rolled cigars, announced today that the company is rebranding itself as OBT Cigar Inc. In an effort to become one of the largest online retailers of hand-rolled cigars, the company feels this change is necessary to bring in more digital traffic. OBT is rolling out their new and improved website that will streamline and revolutionize the way consumers buy cigars online.


In a joint effort between Intrepid Phoenix Capital Advisors and OBT Cigar Inc. the rebranding process will be one that will keep the interest of current customers, while at the same time, expanding and driving business on the national scale. The company will continue to deliver its signature hand-rolled cigars in a variety of blends, sizes, and packages.


When speaking about the rebranding of the company, OBT Cigar Inc. CEO Vince Mascio said, “This new endeavor will allow OBT Cigar Inc. to reach more Cigar smokers who want to buy and smoke the finest hand rolled cigars”.  “We can’t wait to welcome new customers into our family of Cigar Smokers”.


About Us

OBT Cigar Inc. represents the New Generation of Cigar smokers. What began in 1976 as a retail outlet in Oak Brook, Illinois has grown into the finest maker of “Hand Rolled” Cigars in the industry today. OBT Cigar Inc. sells its cigars online, in selected Cigar Bars, and in selected retail outlets around the country. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, our cigars are hand rolled daily using a blend of the finest leaves to assure the best Cigars are delivered to our Customers