3 OBT cigars to have at your next get together

Who doesn’t love showing off their cigar collection when they get a chance? We are all guilty of it. (Unapologetically :))  Whether it’s a night out, or a relaxing get together, you want to reach for the perfect cigar.

Here are three of the best cigars to have at your next gathering:

The Smithson Churchill

The Smithson Churchill is one of our top-selling cigars. This is a great cigar to have after a big meal. It’s perfect for a special occasion, or after dinner with friends. This hand-rolled cigar is smooth with a mildly sweet flavor.

This cigar can accompany any of your favorite beverages. Single barrel whiskey, anyone?

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F-1 Rothchild Cigar

The F-1 Rothchild cigar is another great cigar to follow a fine meal. The F-1 is a hand-rolled cigar in a Brazillian leaf wrapper with an easy draw. It has a mild, silky aroma that is sure to please even the most well-heeled of smokers.

Fun fact: this is our classic blend created in the 1920’s at our small Chicago shop. The F-1’s have been hand-rolled for socialites like George Burns, Milton Berle, and Paul Harvey!

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Valley Connection Double Corona

This high-quality cigar is light with a hint of natural sweetness. It goes great with a blended scotch or red wine. Light this one up early, and finish it off after dessert. The Valley Connection is quickly becoming the most popular cigar of our smokers! Hand rolled around our Honduran and Dominican tobaccos, the Valley Connection gives a tasty, yet mild smoke from beginning to end.

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The Best Hand-Rolled Cigars

If you have an upcoming event, or a fun weekend planned with your best guys or gals, we have the perfect cigar for any occasion.

All of our OBT cigars are hand-rolled for a light, easy draw. Our premium tobacco fillers are mild to medium bodied, giving a pleasant taste that’s not overbearing.

There's a reason we've been rolling cigars for the elite since the 1920s, including celebrities like Tip O'Neil, well-known actor Joe Mantegna, George Burns, Milton Berle, and Paul Harvey. Our cigars speak for themselves. Give us a try and you'll see why.

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