You have the questions and we have all there is to know about smoking high-quality cigars

If you’re new to smoking good cigars, you probably have a few questions. Or, if you’re a seasoned smoker, you may be wondering which one of our high-quality cigars is right for you.

We’ve answered four of our most frequently asked questions in this blog post. Keep reading to find out the answers, and if you have a question send us an email to be featured in our next FAQ’s blog!

What is the difference between a hand-rolled cigar and a machine-rolled cigar?

hand-rolled cigars

Answer: A hand-rolled cigar is done manually, by hand from start to finish. This involves many steps, including picking leaves, stripping veins, bunching fillers, rolling filler into the binder, putting on the wrapper and capping the cigar. Each step is done by hand.

As implied, a machine-rolled cigar follows similar steps but they are all done by a machine, not a human being. You lose the attention to detail, and personal touch that you get when you smoke a high-quality, hand-rolled cigar.

When smoking a hand-rolled cigar you will typically have a fuller taste and flavor as the cigar is usually fresher. Enjoy those hand-rolled cigars!

If you’re curious about the hand-rolling process, check out our video.

What cigar would you recommend for an experienced smoker?

Answer:  For a smoker with a refined palate, we would suggest one of our F-1 blends. They have enough taste to satisfy, while not being overpowering. We also have several sizes to fit your needs. The F-1 Blend is a classic for any occasion. If you’ve ever wanted a morning cigar, this is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite cup of coffee.

Which OBT Cigar would you recommend for a new smoker?

Answer: New smokers tend to enjoy our F-2 blend and the Smithsons. They are flavorful, yet mild. They have little to no aftertaste. The F-2 blends Connecticut, Honduran, and Costa Rican tobaccos for a velvety texture with a nice hint of vanilla that’s very light on the palate. It’s hand-rolled in a Mexican Maduro wrapper for a light draw.

F-2 Rothchild

The Smithson is a customer favorite. From the nice, even construction and beautiful Sumatran wrapper, to the pleasant aroma and mildly sweet flavor, this cigar exceeds all expectations. Hand-rolled for a delightfully light draw, the Smithson provides a surprisingly long and cool burn.

How do I know if I am smoking a high-quality cigar?

Answer: This is very subjective. But there are some cues to whether or not the cigar you’re smoking is of good quality. A high-quality cigar will:

  1. Burn well
  2. It will not be too strong or bitter 
  3. It draws easy
  4. It suits your taste buds

Bonus points if it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg!

The best hand-rolled cigars

We take pride in our high-quality, hand-rolled cigars at OBT. Each cigar is hand-rolled with a lot of attention and care.

We offer a variety of cigars for experienced smokers, as well as beginners. Browse our cigars, and if you need help finding the best one for you, message us! We'll have one of our cigar aficionados create a personalized recommendation just for you!