When it comes to cigar smoking, no matter what size lighter or flame type you desire, the Firebird Triple Flame Refillable Torch Lighter is one of the best and most reliable cigar lighters on the market. 

Why does OBT Cigar recommend one of the best cigar lighters on the market and not wood matches or cedar spills? The fact remains that butane cigar lighters have a significantly more intense flame which makes it easier to properly light in all cigar smoking conditions; and it doesn’t affect the taste or aroma of tobacco like the many fuels used in basic lighters. Lighting a premium cigar with the proper technique is a crucial step that you’ll want to be properly equipped for, and with the Firebird Triple Flame Refillable Torch Lighter you’ll have the perfect, triple-blue flame for the ideal, gently-toasted light for your premium cigar each and every time.

Cigar smokers are drawn more so to torch lighters than anything else due to their reliability on delivering a properly lit cigar. A properly lit cigar is one of the most important aspects of cigar smoking because it means all of the cigar components are evenly lit, thus distributing the true flavors of the cigar’s blend. 

The powerful triple torch of the Firebird Triple Flame Torch Lighter makes lighting your premium cigar a breeze in any environment. From the comfort of your favorite cigar smoking chair to trying to light up on a windy beach, the Firebird Triple Flame Torch Lighter is designed with an easy-to-use trigger ignition accompanied with a flip-top cap, making it safe to carry in your pocket wherever you go. 

If you’re searching for how you can enhance your cigar smoking experience, then one the best ways to get started is to use a lighter designed specifically for cigars. The Firebird Triple Flame Refillable Torch Lighter, equipped with three flames, provides the necessary flame width to allow you to easily and properly light your cigar, regardless of your cigars ring size. Start smoking your premium cigars with the cigar accessories that will enhance your cigar smoking experience each and every time.