Cigars and Football Go Together Like Peas and Carrots

Cigars and football…need we say more?  These two are American classics in themselves, but when combined, they make for an incredible, memorable experience.  Game days are back, and it gives us all the more reason to light up a quality cigar and enjoy the game day festivities in a cloud of blue cigar smoke.

Start the season off strong; excite the palate and soothe the soul with these game day cigars as recommended by our Cigar Master, Vince Mascio.

F-1 Natural Cigar

The F-1 Natural Cigar, in any style, is one of our MVP’s.  This cigar pairs incredibly with a neat whiskey or pint of beer.  The F-1 is a hand-rolled cigar in a Brazilian leaf wrapper with an easy draw.  The F-1 Natural emits a mild, silky aroma that is sure to please even the most well-heeled of smokers.  Fun fact: this is our classic blend created in the 1920’s at our small Chicago shop. The F-1’s have been hand-rolled for socialites like George Burns, Milton Berle, and Paul Harvey!

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The Smithson Cigar

The Smithson Cigar, also one of our top sellers, is the ideal stick to have in your hand at the tailgate.  This is a great smoke to have while grilling and to light back up after the meal. From the Smithson’s nice even construction and beautiful Sumatran wrapper, to the pleasant aroma and mildly sweet flavor, this cigar exceeds all expectations. Hand rolled for a delightfully light draw, the Smithson cigar provides a surprisingly long and cool burn to enjoy before and after the game.

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The F-2 Cigar

The F-2 Cigar is quickly making its name well known with our smokers and becoming our most popular cigar.  Not an overpowering cigar and fitting for smokers of all kinds, this is one to enjoy at a cigar herf while explaining to everyone the reasoning behind why your team is the best.  The F-2 blends Connecticut, Honduran, and Costa Rican tobaccos for a velvety texture with a nice hint of vanilla that’s very light on the pallet. The F-2 Cigar mild to medium bodied cigar is rolled in a Mexican Maduro wrapper and has the lightest of draws.

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The Best Hand-Rolled Cigars

Football season is here, get the ball rolling by stocking up your collection with some high quality, hand-rolled OBT Cigars today! We don’t care which team you’re cheering for, as long as you have an OBT cigar in hand. Shop our entire hand-rolled cigar collection here