Hand-Rolled Cigars: Man vs. Machine

At OBT Cigar, we take great pride in our hand-rolled cigars. The difference between smoking a machine rolled cigar and a hand-rolled cigar may seem subtle, but the quality of smoke couldn’t be more different. When machines are involved, the cigars are typically being mass produced, and made with subpar ingredients such as the scraps of homogenized tobacco as well as paper, preservatives, and chemicals. Such factors negatively affect the taste of the cigar, the feel, the draw, and the construction of the cigar. The slightly higher price of handmade cigars is due to their high level of quality. 


Not All Hand-Rolled Cigars are Created Equally

When looking for a hand-rolled cigar, be sure to understand the full process. A hand-rolled cigar can refer to one that is entirely made by hand, or one that is machine-bunched and hand finished. When you take humanity out of production, not only is a certain something lost in the final product, but it can also produce a tighter draw with more harsh flavor. The extra care, time, and energy put into something handmade produces higher quality products.
At OBT Cigar, all of our cigars are fully hand-rolled at each step of the process to create a perfectly light and easy draw throughout the cigar.