Cigars come in many different shapes, sizes, and above all else different tastes. As the seasons change, so do our preferences for cigars and their pairings. At OBT Cigar, we understand that each cigar offers a unique experience, which can be further enhanced when complemented with the right beverage or activity. Here’s your cigar pairing guide to enjoy OBT cigars throughout the year.

Smithson with coffee

Winter Warmth: Smithson Cigar & Coffee

Winter demands a cigar that can provide warmth and comfort, and the Smithson is just the ticket. With its even construction, beautiful Sumatran wrapper, and mildly sweet flavor, it's a luxurious choice for colder days. 

Enjoy it with a cup of rich, dark-roasted coffee. The coffee’s robust flavor will enhance the cigar’s sweetness, making for a satisfying and warming winter pairing. Stay warm in the winter with this combination. 

Spring Refresh: Valley Connection OBT Cigar & White Wine

Spring is a time of renewal, and the Valley Connection is the perfect cigar to welcome the season. This cigar, hand-rolled with Honduran and Dominican tobaccos wrapped in a Connecticut shade-grown wrapper, offers a mild smoke with a subtle sweetness and a tangy finish. 

Pair it with a glass of chilled white wine, perhaps a Sauvignon Blanc. This combination enhances the light, fresh flavors of both the cigar and the wine, creating the essence of spring.

Summer Ease: Captain’s Crew Cigar & Smooth Rum

Summer calls for something light and airy, making the Captain’s Crew cigar an ideal choice. Blended from Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos and hand-rolled in an Ecuadorian wrapper delicately infused with premium Cuban rum, this cigar presents a mellow, airy taste. Pair it with a smooth, aged rum on the rocks to elevate the subtle sweetness and relaxed vibe, making those long summer evenings unforgettable.

Autumn Richness: F-1 Maduro Cigar & Whiskey

Autumn, with its rich palette of colors and cool air, calls for a cigar with depth. As the leaves turn, reach for the  F-1 Maduro, hand-rolled in a robust Mexican Maduro wrapper, that offers a stronger, peppery flavor profile. This cigar is a match made in heaven with a glass of bold whiskey. The whiskey’s deep and complex flavors complement the cigar’s richness, crafting a cozy, indulgent experience that is perfect for Autumn.

All-Seasons Classic: Carbonell Cigar & Craft Beer

The Carbonell is our all-season star, it can be enjoyed year-round. With its smooth taste and mild sweetness from the Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco blend wrapped in an Ecuadorian wrapper, it’s a versatile choice for any season. Pair it with a craft beer or perhaps a lager in summer or a stout in winter. The options are endless to enhance your experience all year round.

At OBT Cigar, we believe in the power of a fine cigar. The right cigar can turn a simple moment into an extraordinary experience, and the perfect pairing makes it unforgettable. Whether you are a seasoned aficionado or new to the world of cigars, we invite you to explore the OBT Cigar collection. Discover your seasonal favorites and create your own timeless memories.