What comes to mind when you think of St. Patrick’s Day?  Your first thought probably doesn’t go straight to cigars, but what fun and enjoyable holiday doesn’t involve a few premium, hand rolled cigars?  On the other hand, what does come to mind for St. Patrick’s Day is fine Irish whiskey and Guinness Beer; and where there’s whiskey and Guinness there’s quality cigars!

Cigar Pairings to Enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day

The saying goes that on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish and the most Irish thing to do during this holiday is to enjoy an Irish whiskey and beer. Knowing how to pair  St. Patrick’s Day beverages with your favorite quality cigars is just as important if not more important than wearing green!

 While in sober anticipation and preparation of this great Irish holiday, OBT Cigar Master, Vince Mascio, has selected three of our premium, hand rolled cigars and paired them with traditional St. Patrick's Day beverages: 

So this year, celebrate in style and enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day with these high quality cigar pairings, honoring the rich history and culture of the Irish.

Bonus: order a dozen of our Valley Connection Double Corona, Smithson President or F-1 Natural Rothchild and receive a free cigar to make it a bakers dozen! Valid now until March 31st, 2020.


The Best Hand Rolled Cigars

This St. Patrick’s Day, embrace the Irish holiday with a festive drink and quality cigar pairing that St. Patrick himself would approve of.  Here at OBT, we believe that your smoking experience should be unforgettable each and every time, especially during this time of the year. There's a reason our blends have been the elite's favorites since the 1920s, including celebrities like Tip O'Neil & well-known actor Joe Mantegna, George Burns, Milton Berle, and Paul Harvey. Our cigars speak for themselves.