Two of our best hand-rolled cigars are back, and at the best time!

We are happy to announce that two of our most popular hand-rolled cigars, the Carbonell and Smithson Rothchild, are back in stock and ready to stabilize moods!  These quality cigars came back at an ideal time of the year; given the weather, fall festivals and football filled weekends, The Carbonell and Smithson Rothchild cigars are great to have in hand all week long.

Carbonell Cigar

The Carbonell cigar is a premium blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos with a wonderfully smooth taste immediately upon lighting. Hand-rolled in an Ecuadorian wrapper, the flavor profile is mild and slightly sweet.  The Carbonell cigar is ideal for breaking up the dullness of yearly fall maintenance chores to retiring outside with friends after an evening meal. This smoke is a great late-night cigar, so pair it with your favorite single barrel whiskey to end your day on a great note.

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Smithson Rothchild Cigar

The Smithson Rothchild cigar, being one of our top-selling cigars, provides a mildly sweet flavor, qualifying it for many cigar smokers collections.  This quality cigars long, cool burn makes it an amazing choice to enjoy during the fall’s cool, crisp weather. With the Smithson Rothchild’s premium Sumatran leaf and medium body, it’s far from one dimensional ensuring to please even the most well-heeled of smokers.

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The Best Hand Rolled Cigars

Pairing your favorite cigar with sports is one of the classic American traditions and an excellent one at that!  With the crisp fall weather and midseason NFL emotions stirring, the Carbonell and Smithson Rothchild are more than ideal cigars to enjoy on game day!  Whether you’re a newbie or a true-blue cigar smoker, these quality, hand-rolled cigars are an excellent choice to add to your cigar collection. There's a reason our blends have been the elite's favorites since the 1920s, including celebrities like Tip O'Neil & well-known actor Joe Mantegna, George Burns, Milton Berle, and Paul Harvey. Our cigars speak for themselves. Give them a try and order your Carbonells and Smithson Rothchilds today.